Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A Mail Art Cocktail from the Sticker Dude

 This envelope full of  heroes, humour and horrors is the perfect mixture, a perfect cocktail for the crazy times we live in. Anna Quindlen has always been a hero of mine...

Joel is a musician so I am not surprised he turns to music in times such as these and who better than Robert Hunter of the Grateful Dead? I'm not sure the lyrics are comforting but when I hear them I see a 'betanooner', keg of beer in the California sun and a bunch of my friends singing along. That would be a comforting way to spend some time instead of glued to podcasts waiting to hear what's next in American politics.
text by Sticker Dude and Campbell's atlas (T. Mangy) 

Mouth Man image by Thomas Kerr, rubber stamping and design by Joel Cohen, Text by Mason Cooley
 It's fab to get a new stash of mottos and words of wisdom -useful bumph - from Joel. And you can't tell but the brilliant sticker above is actually flourescent pink!

I'm heading to NYC soon but I find I can't rely on myself to make the mail art I used to make time for, no matter what. Besides, this is an 85th birthday trip to visit with my mother and other family members! so, sadly can't take up Joel's very generous offer as US stamps won't work here!

In the UK we just Graze vouchers in our Amazon orders. 
images and rubber stamping by Thomas Kerr, text by Mason Cooley, art direction Joel Cohen

p1 This is your Universe folded 4-page book

p2 folded 4-page book

p3 folded 4-page book

back page folded 4-page book

Nothing is Revealed  p1Issue 4 Sticker dude and Jamison Odone
Nothing is Revealed  p2 Sticker dude and Jamison Odone
Back page 
Nothing is Revealed  p1 Sticker dude and Jamison Odone

Nothing is Revealed  issue 3 p1 Sticker dude and Jamison Odone

Swami Beyondananada's comments: "We have a deeply divided body politic in america.  Half the people believe our system is broken.  The other half believe it is fixed." "Levity to rise above the gravity," just about sum up Joel's mailing. Thank you.

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