Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Fantastic Un-usable Love pig and Starlet

 David Stafford sent me two pieces of mail art. The Love Pig, a commemorative Chinese New Year talisman screenprinted by the amazing Patti and the Fantastic Color Wheel.  Both are the epitome of art, aesthetic concept pieces that are meant to be viewed. They are not craft pieces that can be used and lived with in a practical way - although I could frame them...  These pieces adorn my studio until I need to put them away and then they get filed.  I have five file boxes… great big things full  of mail art and with the wonderful mail art that generous David Stafford sends me… soon I will need another one!

This is a card with a window onto the starlet.  David and Patti wish me well and use the word, 'fettle' - a fine English word to check on my health. I'm am in fine fettle D & P!

 The Fantastic color wheel which Dave recommends I should avoid using could be useful: as a poetry generator, a painting mapper, a story board…I wish I could get into that room, sit on the chair and hold the color wheel.  I'm sure it would help calm me down after the chaos of Brexit and Barr.

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  1. Thank you, Rebecca. We are coming out with a brand new color wheel shortly. Could be a life changer. Or not.