Thursday, January 10, 2019

Orange Barn Stable, travels in England

David Stafford came to England with Patti.  Rebecca and Figgy met Patti and David and all had fun. They saw plenty of art. David heard Rebecca speak and learned that she is not authentic.  Figgy arrived and had the right accent. We ate food and drank tea.

This lovely note from David with an orange building, reminiscent of a Matt Khan painting, arrived yonks ago and like the missing mail from Borderline Grafix and Amalgamated Confusion.  I filed it in a VERY special place. New year. New organisation scheme. I have made one mail art package so far so before too long you will get a return, David. Thank you.  I loved meeting you and Patti.

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  1. Gracias, Rebecca. My life has been consumed with my mom's death in December. As you may remember, she was 102 and voluntarily decided to stop eating. My sister and I were with her for the last six weeks, a lifetime unto itself. Which is by way of saying that I haven't been too present for mail art. But I am gearing up for reentry or at least something new. I am quite tired of death as a topic. It just doesn't suit my shallow nature.