Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Fruity Booty from Katy

 A little after the New Year we got a piece of mail art from Katy, my sister. Although Katy and I have traded before, this piece was a complete surprise and the surprise continued until tonight when I finally got to it in my blogging pile… Patrick had replied that it had arrived and I meant to blog it immediately but you know.  I had seen the front and back of what I thought was a postcard, an altered postcard. Fun, energetic, and made me smile. 

I've been making fruitcake every year since we moved to England.  My grandmother used to make fruitcake and when she had her demetia and still lived on her own at home, her dementia manifested itself in tables piled with fruitcakes she had made with scrawly names on labels that I couldn't read. We always had a fruitcake in the fridge, for my dad in NYC. So, I thought Katy was remembering that and thinking of me.

And then, today, I noticed that the postcard looked as though it was coming apart. I have to admit, initially thinking that it was a case of bad glueing but on closer inspection… what I found was another world of mail art! And now I have an alter to 2019 and send so much love back to Katy for making me something so beautiful.

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