Thursday, January 17, 2019

collage with needle threader

 Zoe Rubens is a fantastic, fantastical, creative artist who uses metal and heat to transform rubbish into wonderful and sometimes practical whimsies. You can look at her work here:
After Christmas last year we had the good fortune of having Zoe be our artist in residence for the day, sharing her wonderful artistry to inspire us. I was mostly backstopping but Patrick, Hudson and Figgy, Jonny and Annabel took part, making some wild and wonderful creations.  Everyone was hooked on her welder!

So… was I ever delighted when we received a FABULOUS New Years card from Zoe. I Love needle threader people.  Do people still use needle threaders? I will be sending Zoe some mail art back, even if it's only to Ipswich!

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