Thursday, January 3, 2019

Honk if you visted Dada Triumph Motors!

 While the rest of us were rushing around buying holiday gifts, baubles and chocolate, Cascadia Artpost  had his opening of Dada Triumph Motors a 'near future representation of a small city in Cascadia at 1:87', inpired by Wof Vostell. As I look at that mug shop of Trump on the wall, I wonder whether the poster on the table in the situation room (described yesterday) was purloined from the walls of DTM. 

Also delighted to have additional promo material. I wish I lived near Cascadia so I could see the The Fender Roads Totem in the flesh, or the plastic or whatever Cascadia uses as a building material.

 And finally, one more car-based communication arrived  (in November) from Cascadia. In typical Cascadia jocular tradition, he merges the joy of driving with some more austere messages. Zoom in and see what you think! 
As ever, great stamps and great messages. New year, new hope, Brave New world...

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