Sunday, May 28, 2017

Conversing with Ben Westley Clarke

A few weeks ago I was on that annoying train from London to Stowmarket that isn't really a train.  It's an underground, a bus and finally a train. It takes forever. I had been to see my NY running partner of thirty years ago's daughter, who I'd never met.  We had a thoroughly wonderful day visiting the Tate.  I had left home early that morning and had zillions of things to do at home before I went to Maine.  I was the second person on the bus and I knew I wanted an aisle so I asked the young man who was already seated if he minded if I sat next to him.  That young man was Ben Westley Clarke and it turned out that we had a lot to talk about, so I never read my book, or wrote my list… instead we gabbed the whole way to the final train.

Here's a link to Ben's website, although this time it looks as if you can't see much of his work.  He must be 'spring cleaning'. Not only did Ben grow up in Ipswich, he loves to paint and draw and to teach. I am absolutely delighted to have these original prints from Ben! His painting work reminds me of the German Expressionists and the bottom print (for me) is reminiscent of Toulouse Lautrec! Wow he makes great marks and look at how they are composed, poetry! And they smell like a print studio.

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