Friday, May 5, 2017

A Virus Named Chuck

This is a Virus named Chuck
I love mail art like this one from David Stafford that exists right on the point of inspiration.  And Chuck, the amorphous virus is the kind of creature you'd like to be your friend. The joy of creation is almost palpable. The crayon must have been warm when David put Chuck in the envelope.  It's left a shadow on the inside of the envie.

It's great that Chuck is gonna have friends. I am also interested to find out what adventures they will get up to and what adversity they will overcome. No doubt global pandemics will prove fertile writing ground!

Meanwhile, Patrick seems to have his second virus of the season.  I am hiding out in the studio avoiding the infested air. But it makes me happy to think that viruses might be similar to humans, only much, much smaller, of course.

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