Friday, May 5, 2017

A new series in the making

I took on a local mail art initiative.  Actually, it was my idea and someone followed up on it and I said yes.  That's my current excuse for why you aren't getting any mail art from me and why I am a bit slow blogging.  But to be fair,  I was sick for weeks and I've had lots of art things making demands on my mail art time! I have been sending mail art back to the people who send me stuff for the local thing - Suffolk Open Studios Mail art:  

The idea is that if we hang local artists mail art in a good central location we can attract people to visit their studios from further afield. It's been a little hard for people to get the idea.  So I feel I need to send stuff in a timely manner back to them so they get the concept that it's a trade and have a positive mail art experience. In other words, those of you who I should have sent stuff to have been bumped down the list to make way for this other stuff!

I have about 15 more to send to… so this afternoon I decided to make some things that interest me using some photos I chopped up a few years ago that I found in a box of stuff I bought at the car boot sale. I did a few postcards when I chopped them up in the first place and I loved the results and because I've been using lots of fused plastic, and think about Diebenkorn when I make those (often) I figured, what better way to spend a Friday afternoon!

Now it's time to go back to the house to do chores.  I promise to blog the four enticing pieces I have had in my crab shell letter holder for a few days, or more, (FROM YOU)  tonight.  and if there's time I will make some more of these.  I will save the best ones for you guys.

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