Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Groovin redheads from 15C

Just fabulous to get some fat mail from Vizma! I love my mail art 'nickname' in lights - that burlesque thing was a highlight for me and I love that Vizma has sent this reminder! Maybe this will be the catalyst for my own wacky mail art sensibilities to return… 

 Vizma and I agreed to make four postcards each and then to send them and add to them.  We'll keep two and send two back. Can't wait to get started with these:

The back of the postcards have Vizma's stamp and signature.  They have a haptic quality and understated colour - fun to respond to.

Nothing about Vizma's mail art is ever too serious.  This card makes me wonder if some cats need glasses and whether some cats are vain?

Above is for my eyes only - silly stuff is perfect!

nd finally…this boekie is a REAL gem. It's a real tiny matchbox book, not just a zig zag book in a box!  I ADORE it.  Vizma's use of text and the way she blends her media results in the kind of book you love to hold, read and begin again. The language, inuendo and strong imagery are something special.

I finally have a few things on deck to send out and one is going back to Vizma, but I need a bit more time to respond to this wonderful mail! Huge thanks!

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