Monday, August 22, 2016

Bob Dylan turned 75 - Live Ed

I discovered a few years ago when our friend Guido orchestrated a birthday project that I can't sustain birthday momentum.  It's like dieting.  I mean well and try very hard at first, but without fail I fail and then I feel guilty. However, hearing about birthdays is perfect and I must admit that even though I think BD is fab, I wasn't aware that I had missed his big day or that age is creeping up on HIM TOO.

Love all the Bob stamps and multi-use stamping that Ed use to make funny and poignant comments with. I hope no one is suggesting I'm past my sell by date in the stamping world. But nevermind, I'm going straight in and putting Freewheelin on the turntable to enjoy some timeless crooning.  Many thanks! And as for Edz Magic decoder, I've got alot to figure out, and I sure hope it helps!

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