Friday, August 26, 2016

Dave the Rave and the dichotomy of the cigarette

I made Dave The Rave a mail artist.  I mean, Dave heard about mail art from me and started sending me pieces when he traveled. The mail art he has sent me is full of meaning, often has doodles and trashpo but is always intentional.  No dada for Dave.

Dave would like to exchange with other mail artists, so not long ago I suggested he send to TOFU for his pink call. It turns out Dave is a bit like me, he didn't read the fine print before he began and instead of making his piece postcard size, made it A3; so I am the beneficiary of his first attempt beginning for Tofu's PINK mail art call.

Dave is yet to send the real PINK piece.

This three-D piece is about Dave's father, smoking and the way we were hoodwinked into smoking by the likes of Ivor Novello in years gone by. Cigarettes had a glamour it's impossible to describe now these icons made them irresistible. 

Dave is still cut up over his father and mother's deaths - both smokers. I suspect they were both English from a different era, with different pastimes in a different kind of world.

If you would like to exchange with Dave the Rave, let me know and I'll send you his address!=

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