Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sticker Dude tests my willpower and moral compass.

Here we go again! More collaborative humour from The Sticker Dude and Kerr.  I love that what I expect is infact counterintuitively not missing. I am interrogating my idea of censorship with this piece and discover that what is offensive, or simply to be censored is arbitrary and deeply personal. SURPRISE!
 I don't know if Sticker Dude knows Richard Canard but this one made me laugh in the same way I laugh when I see something of Richard's.
Of course, this one isn't a sticker at all...

But this one is a sticker that is temptingly compellingly crying out to be used so it is seen by as many people as possible! I WANT TO SEND THIS or Stick it somewhere but I am an archivist, what to do?

And can somebody tell me if MAD still exists? 


  1. I just had to say--fantastic 'forever stamp'! WOW!

  2. MAD Magazine is still alive and well. Wiki. has the history, etc, if you have time to read it.

  3. Yes! Mad still exists. :) I saw the latest issue this past week.