Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dave the Rave and his anti-brexi-cabi-net of curiosities

Not long ago I got a mailing from Dave the Rave and I simply could not see that it was from Dave the Rave, although if I'd thought about it I would have recognised the doodles and seen that his name was there, albeit crookedly. This time Dave has even more clearly emblazoned his name on the top of the piece.  It arrived bubble wrapped and hidden behind brown paper, though.

For a serial scanner, like me, this package had a daunting amount of stuff from the outside, and I wondered if it was to read or simply to represent something.  Dave assured me I should open it, and refile when done.

The secret message is for Figgy.  Not sure which way it is meant to be read… I'm sure she'll be fluent in Japanese when she returns from Japan, and she will be able to explain further!

The video shows the discovery element of Dave's mail art, which is political by nature and it was the antidote to scanneritis!


  1. Loved it! Great example of creative mail art--thanks for the video!!

  2. The 1 in the Banksy compartment should have been in the WOOO compartment just to add to the existentialist order/chaos that is the theme with this post. This would have made Wilfred Owen 100 , the war poet and the 1916 reminders of the order that arose from the ashes of the chaos that was the First World War. JPS was Mr existentialism himself , John Paul Sartre ( for every action there is a consequence) , something the referendum has highlighted , sadly. Loved the video , Rebecca.