Sunday, July 10, 2016

My own love letter in the sand - Joel Cohen

Joel Cohen is a sharer extraordinaire!  I have never met him but trust me, he's one of those people it's fun to know. Not long ago I read about Joel's trips to Rockaway Beach. Do you remember the Ramones' song? I do! I also remember seeing the Ramones in the tower Record shop in SF one day when I was walking around taking pictures of punks. I digress. Joel loves the beach and his trips to Rockaway consist of sun, sand the sea, song and mail art. He encourages people to send postcards AT THE BEACH.  He hands out postcards AT THE BEACH that are illustrated by one of his collaborators, Thomas Kerr. And he serenades beachgoers AT THE BEACH.  I don't know about you, but that's not what I do at the beach, but isn't it fabulous to know Joel and to be part of his network so we can revel in his enthusiasm and dedication to the cause. What with busy family life right now I haven't been to the beach once this season, so will look at Thomas' umbrella and get vicarious pleasure!

The only thing that might make it all even better would be if Jude Weirmeir arrived, drew a stave on the sand and got everyone to sing the waves!


  1. Thanks, once again, though with this one you didn't quite hit the nail on the head. I sing blanket to blanket, give out stickers to those who want them, after I sing, and now offer postcards, for minimal reimbursement, and carry pens for the participants to fill them out and send to whomever they want. Then I take them back with me to mail, thus finishing this mail art project. I now also allow them to keep the cards themselves if they want. Also the postcards I take to the beach don't have the two Sticker Dude artistamps on them.

  2. How could I forget about the stickers? I love your artistamp stickers! We will have had two graduations from University in two weeks soon and my head is spinning, or I wouldn't have forgotten the stickers!