Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Shy Doodle and More - Tic Tac

Beneath 2018, Tic Tac 28/30

 Tic Tac's graphic fingerprint is all over this mailing that I received a little while ago. I love the way she bridges cultures and creates strong, recogniseable imagery where each piece is different to but as strong as the next. 
For SALE series UNFINISHED, 2018, Tic Tac

 Unfortunately, this scan doesn't show how tactile and subtle this piece is… I feel as if I am in a car passing two people adhereing paper to a billboard. 

Love the way these letters create characters!

Paper doll cows!  What a concept. 

And delighted to receive this DKULT Doodle Therapy page, mailed some time ago. With contributions from David Stafford, Figgy Guyver, me and Tic Tac.
Gorgeous stamps of all sorts! Thanks so much Tic Tac. One thing I realise as I get to the bottom of this blog is that Tic Tac's work needs no explanation. and whenever I type a comment it falls flat.  I guess that shows that the visual is speaking!

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