Thursday, October 11, 2018

My magical mail artist friend

 Tomorrow I am meeting David Stafford and his wife in London!  I ncelebration of this, I opened my mail art from Carina that has been sitting by my computer for weeks. This is because time is elastic and last year when I learned to fit a little more in every day (because it was the only way I could do what was needed),  now that I should have more time, I find that I am so used to packing  my day that I never have any time to do the things I used to be able to do that were enjoyable.  On the one hand it means i get lots of my work done but on the other hand, things that I really want to do pile up. And Breathe.

I am following Carina on Instagram and I am in awe at her imagination.  This envelope is adorable.  Her doodles make me carzy with delight.

Inside the envelope is a little nod to David Stafford, Dkult asemics and the fashion.  The tonal feel of the mail art is delicious. This is a little Boekie.

And the inside of the boekie is iconic Carina,  the gesture of the characters, making things happen in a spooky sort of way.  Halloween is near and I need to send Carina a reply.  Maybe I should bring a little mail art making stuff to London so David and I can send out some stuff.

Thanks so much Carina!  I will reply.

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