Sunday, August 26, 2018

Everyone's talking about David's One Man show!

 Some people draw from life; some people draw from photos and some people draw from what's inside.  I'm not sure how David gets to his finished products but this wonderful selection of humanity oozes with character and demonstrates the ease with which David moves between and juxtaposes media. 

David sent me this quite some time ago… In fact I carried the envelope to Maine, intending to blog it from America, but that didn't happen and then when I got back my wifi it was a bit out of sorts and finally, TODAY, Patrick fixed the final wifi blip and I can actually scan and print wirelessly (for the first time in seven years!) So fully realising that for example, the Hawaian woman going up the escalator hasn't been in pre-hurricane turmoil, because time doesn't work that way, I'm sure I can see a lot of screaming in David's portraits and I suspect their hysteria is politics related, or the rats from Felixstowe have gone further afield than we thought.

Could this be John Foster and Amy Irwin?

Clearly me, getting ready for the DKult ho down. 

De Villo Sloan sandwiched between his harem - Dk with teased hair, perhaps? 

Three cheers for another brilliant envelope from David Stafford, somewhere in the West.


  1. Thank you, once again, for a sterling blog, Rebecca. I have your boekie in hand and will be blogging soon. And…we are coming to the UK in October. I will be the assuming man with a daisy in my lapel. Patti will be the unassuming woman with purple hair. We meet at Trafalgar Square at dawn if it's still there.

  2. OMG, I'd love to see you both! message me details, or send them in the post. I have hosted mail artists here at nayland Farm, just let me know.