Monday, August 27, 2018

Cars through walls and walls of rogues - Cascadia Artpost

These are in no particular order, but are three mailings I recieved from Cascadia Artpost during the summer of no computer. My ledger is as out of sorts as everything else, so apologies to Cascadia! It's all about watering and keeping up with the news cycle these days.

Hey, Mr Snappy reminds me of someone I met at a wedding in Essex, recently - although I was the one wearing the hat… Great stamps.  Whenever I see red and black postage stamps, I think of 'E'.  I think he'd like these. and it looks like that forever stamp didn't get franked.  It's all so confusing for the postal system what with Cascadia's own official stamps and postmark!

I'm not sure whether it's coincidence but it's surely only based on supposition, I believe Jack builds dioramas in the summer.  This Monument to Vostell, celebrating the art of Vostell is another of his teeny tiny dioramas, I think. Both the front image and the back image are stunning! Art is life!

So I have to admit to getting the rellies involved to solve who this couple was… Of course I know who Steve Mnuchin and his wife are, but who knew what they looked like! They don't make the news here - luckily I am a pod cast addict, so keep abreast.  This is a gallery of rougues, for sure! And this commodity civilization land is not my land, nor is it yours, I reckon.

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