Monday, April 9, 2018

Suggestions for improving the planet

Love the portraits and researching Thomas Paine, discovered that he was born in Thetford, not far from me here in England. In these envelope images I see a conflicted world trying to assert itself in a time of trouble.  Funny that. Well Sticker Dude has a few solutions / or actions to improve the status quo… send them to 'art schul' where all religions make a great motif.

and in that postscript I see I have a kindred spirit.  Be buffeted, you might as well, life has some surprises up its sleeve so 'knowing' may not help. 

I guess this is something to do with guns and I'm thinking it's sugesting images rather than force?

 This ATC has some amazing suggestions / instructions… Who knew! DISCLAIMER, I am not suggesting you put a hat in your ear - that would be silly!
I wish I could hear Sticker Dude sing one of his songs… I've never been to an open mic and certainly never sang at one.  No risk of singing like a gorilla though.  I hate Baloney!

 And wat if we cold print everything.  They say it's coming.  What would you print first?

 Enjoy this Double Earthday Birthday celebration with the Sticker dude and Jocelyn MacKenzi on April 21st.  Look carefully at the flyer for details!

What a packed envelope and thank you, again, Joel, for reminding us and leading by example that we all should be doing something to change the way things seem to be going in a humorous, audible and visual way!

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