Saturday, April 28, 2018

A penchant for old tickets and stubs

So here I am in a beautiful place having walked for hours, had food cooked for me by our gourmet son feeling relaxed and replete. I have prescanned mail art that I haven't managed to blog in a very timely fashion and as I look carefully at it I realise, with disappointment that I am I in trouble… not only am I far from my old ticket stubs and coupons, I am late in responding, so probably have already missed out on the Cascadia Artpost's amazing offer!
I'm gonna have to gird my loins and meditate during tomorrow's walk and then 5 hour car ride back to the land of mail art coupons, sprouting seeds and artistamps.  I'm gonna have to wait and will live in hope! Disappointingly the Keswick Pencil Museum doesn't give coupons or tickets, so the trip has not reaped any new fodder.

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