Monday, December 11, 2017

Subscription Opus has me Singing E 3D.

In the spirit of chaotic rearrangement (look carefully at the way Jude number and cross numbers his movements) my computer rearranged the postcards that I had input in a certain order, tying in with the roman numerals, for some reason, and randomised them. I suspect Jude will be pleased.  Or maybe he won't.  I can't begin to pretend to know EXACTLY what goes on in Jude's head, let alone his blesseed corpse.  I love the reconfigured bodies that point to the addressee. 

In a frankly literal way, I have scanned the reverse of the postcards together, as a unit so that they spell Jude's surname.  What I noticed that I have never noticed before was that even though it spells Weirmeir, my brain wanted to read Wiremire. But that's not the point.  The point is that Jude wants us to sing the letters of his name with a chosen clef, at  a personal tempo,  with a particular vowel and a meter tha works in a venue. 

For this task you better read music not just acoss the page but around the page, pictographically, with all sorts of rules. Great stuff!

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