Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Longing to dance - the cornfield thing of dreams

 Nestled in a white collaged envelope (see below) Herman has made one of his signature envelope/folders. It is the thing of girls' dreams: a ballerina on point dances out of a magical cave under the spell of a Herfordshire cornfield with an oak tree. Stamps flitter alongside.  There is a majestic and magical quality to this scene. And another thing girls dream of is dressing in a crown, finding their visage on a stamp, hair braided around their head and diamonds. I don't know about you, but I am hooked on the Crown!

I agree, we do live in an angry world, and few characters elicit more anger that Maggie. At the moment I am pretty incensed by Moore and am hoping the vote down there goes the right way…
Herman has  a habit of sending me bits of dried plants.  These beautiful brittle leaves are this winter's offering. I always intend to dry flowers and leaves but even now the cherry leaves are beginning to rot into the stones before I find time to sweep them up or better yet, press them!
A politician? 

With his doodle creatures and characters, Herman reminds me of the joy in invention and gesture. It must be time to make more stamps! 
Where have all the postcards gone?  And when did Herman go to Wales?

Mail art on its way in the next few days!  I am well and feeling optimistic for 2018!

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