Sunday, December 10, 2017

Cave Paintings from The Bowling Alley

When we were on the Orkney Islands earlier this year, we went into a burial chamber called Maeshowe.  There we learned that 800 years before some Vikings sheltered in the chamber and to entertain themselves carved stories and words on the walls - viking graffiti.  These 'cave paintings' of David's strike me as marks of a man trapped in his studio, or kitchen, or 101 year old mother's house!  Brilliant obsessed artist stuff. and long live our friend the spotted puffer.
Meanwhiile, this wonderful rendering of the nightmare of intuitve thinking reminds me of walking through a Suffolk castle. Brits in inappropriate clothing, random shaped windows, keyholes, vertebrae like stones, portholes, damsels, rats, people determined to joust, or bowl, or something and of course mediums,  birds and slightly unhelpful singage. As for the crude rendering, nothing 800 years ago about these doodles. Many thanks for another brilliant mailing!


  1. Thank you, once again, Rebecca, for your kind and articulate blogs.

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