Friday, December 16, 2016

Trashpo and stuck stickers from the dude

Shenanigans on the front of the sitcker dude's mailing encourage me to open this fat pink envelope! Joel's smiling face is juxtaposed to the sour faces flanking the roller skater and the fab foursome off to see the wizard. And Joel is hob knobbing with an odd mix of characters… Nixon, Batman, Smokey and more. 

Joel has put something a little different in this mailing.  He has put stickers on some recycled card to make interesting arrangements, comentary on the state of affairs: clowns waving an American flag popping up like pop tarts while the audience looks on.  What else can you see?

To complement the visual poetry is this poem of despair by Joel with an alarming illustration by Thomas Kerr.  What a world we inhabit!
Thanks Joel and your Banana Rag is on its way!

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