Sunday, December 4, 2016

Touched by DKult mail art

I love these simple Dkult stickers and I am touched that they arrived in the big fat envelope about a week ago from Diane. I feel the good vibe of mail art friendship all the way from Elgin.

Diane has been making fabric and this blessing as well as the Egyptian symbols  will come in handy when I finally make my prayer flag… How did she know? Or perhaps they will become part of a collab book…  Oh mail art, you inspire me! 

I notice there is proliferation of stamps at the moment.  I suspect it is part of the soft protest movement in the face of our recent election upsets. Although the white version is fab, I prefer the violet, I will find it difficult to share these!

 Diane knows I LOVE her dyed paper and again I think I will make a teeny DK/RG book.  These would be perfect endpieces.  Carina, should I send it to you?

 Dkult is about optimism, for me, and what better than an outing to the forest to frolic with the hobbits? But lest we forget that we are joined to this insane world, I have a
practical add and pass of the most urgent nature.

And then, it's back to the doodles.  I have been doodling up a storm lately.  I find when I have had a particulalry busy period that I need to distance myself from the  'serious' or purposeful play of art making by making mail art. Doodles have been my go to re-entry form this time.  So, I guess it's time to dig up all those unfinished doodle pages (these are chock- a- block full) and make some new DKult Doodle therapy bookies.  Who wants to take part?

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  1. wonderful blog post and I'm thrilled you like everything. Making your own prayer flags? lovely idea. I've started dyeing fabric. I don't actually know why I always only worked on paper. The first doodle page is my daughters. She draws so small and intricate, which makes her great at doing henna tatts. Happy Barfa!!!