Tuesday, December 20, 2016

French Hair and a Hat in Embroidery Thread - Diana Hale

I am the delighted recipient of something quite special from Diana Hale! Not only has Diana HAND SEWN my name and her name onto a piece of muslin, she has also stitched it around the sides to make an envelope and embroidered the bust of a vintage woman wearing the sort of hat that I'd like to own on the back. I believe that I am not meant to unstitch the envelope so am blogging as is.  If I am wrong and there is more between the stitches, I trust Diana will tell me.

My mother is visiting and her comment that you can't really appreciate the feel of the piece online, is spot on.  This is something to hold, to run your fingers over and to appreciate first hand.  Thank you Diana.  It is a gem and I am touched that you sent it to me!

To see more from Diana, visit her Philpott Lake project blog: 


  1. So glad it arrived! The beautiful work of stitched postcard art you sent was my inspiration to embroider. Thank you for the post and kind words. You are correct, it is just a postcard despite the return address. It did occur to me that you could open it up, stuff it with lavender, sew it up, and toss it in a sock drawer. There is also a stitched stamp under the postage stamps if you remove them. Thank you again and all the best wishes for the new year.

  2. If you do open it up for repurposing, it is safe to go through the wash too.

  3. Wow! what an amazing gift! Will think about what to return in response.
    Happy holidays, Rebecca