Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The many faces of Herman Kamphuis

Voyageur Postal has an eye for the timeless that he crafts into unique and instantly recognisable envelopes. When I have had mail art calls, Herman's envelopes always enchant me and get a prime location in the hanging.  I believe this envelope and its contents is a response to my recent adventures in doodles. 

When I doodle I find people appear more than anything else.  When I was home in America I noticed that my painted rocks are still the feature of the mantelpiece. These rocks were done in the early 70s and are women in leotards leaping over anything they can, the moon, the sea, mountains.  I have always loved to paint and rocks became my canvas one summer. I was a gymnast and I still have flying dreams where I bend my body into amazing shapes.  Sadly, my body doesn't really bend like that anymore but I have my dreams, my doodles and my rocks for vicarious contortionist pleasure.

Herman's doodles are about people too but they seem to zero in on the face, mostly. Fabulous, gestural, characters emerge!

The four pages above are a little book.  The characters certainly are dramatic.

In addition, Herman enclosed these photos of some vintage heads.

By the way, the mailing from Herman arrived in the last few days I was in England before setting off for Maine.  It was a hectic time and I forgot to bring Herman's envelope with me to blog.  So this post is out of order but thoroughly enjoyed and adored!

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