Sunday, July 12, 2015

Make Doodle with your Doodle Blanket - Carina Granlund

Here I am on Cranberry with the long emply days of nothing to do but preserve the deck, unload the dishwasher, empty the coffee filters, take my art materials outdoors and paddle in the sea.  Carina Granlund has sent me something to fill the gaps of time so I am inspired and DKult productive in the lulls, when I am, say, sitting on the maine pebbles waiting for my feet to dry.
Enlarge this to read the important instructions!

Note Carina Granlund initiating a doodle collab!

I love Carina's striking envelope and it's aesthetic and original contents. 


  1. What a fun project--if you need someone to send to, I am available... It has been awhile. Carmela Rizzuto on iuoma

    1. I will send you a sheet or two of doodles but I can't spare a blanketšŸ˜€! I have something else to send you so, soon!