Sunday, July 12, 2015

Doodle Excursion - Alicia Starr

I have definately had six months of a mail art slump. It has been entirely time sensitive.  There just hasn't been enough time and so much of what I've made has been doodle related.  A few people have sent me add and passes and I have done those but lots of what I send (LIKE ALL THE REST OF YOU, I'm pretty sure) never gets acknowledged and never comes back. If I think about it and look at the postal ledger, there really is a postal ledger, I feel bad about the people I haven't got to, yet. There is a temptation to only send to the people who do send back and share what you send.  But although to me mail art is about communication, as a teacher at times, I understand that communication can be subtle and the results can sprout up much later and lead to unexpected things.  It's about believing… and those people who never reply may be replying in their art and their hearts but you just don't know. So I continue.  

Anyway, Alicia sent me back one of my black and white doodles altered along with her own doodle collages and a great note! Hooray!

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