Monday, January 26, 2015

On Spy Track (collab boekie) Amy Irwen and Rebecca Guyver

It feels a little funny blogging my own work here at the Postal Ledger… but Amy Irwen has taken my Spy Notebook and 'used' it in a way that adds depth, humour, additional meaning and aesthetic pizazz, so I guess it's OK! 

I'm guessing Amy has used a local paper to find some of the words that allude to following, watching, note-taking about life from the point of view of the spy.  The gobblydygoop, nonsense phrases suggest the incomprehensible that 'spy language' must be.  Trashpo ephemera makes it all even better!

The idea for the Spy Notebook was in response to Alexander Limarev's mail art call: SPY, an inspiring and apt concept for 2014-2015!

Thanks so much Amy!  I'm not sure I know how you parted with it!