Monday, January 12, 2015

Graffiti from France

You have to look closely at the surface of the photograph to make out the graffiti Dave Plumb, from Suffolk who went to France over New Year, sent me. 
' George……. if what you say is true then why the impotance of erasing the past?'

Luckily Dave has transcribed what he has seen in Paris, scrawled on a building.  Today sent me this!

'Hi Rebecca ,
When we arrived in Paris for our Christmas break we were walking from the Richard -Lenoir Metro to our hotel in Rue Amelot when I noticed some 
interesting graffiti on a wall in Rue Pelee . I wrote these words down and used them as part of the postcards I sent you as they were indicative of the Parisian
enigma which requires as much thought as you are prepared to give. What I didn't realise until the events unfolded was that these words were written just yards from the offices of Charlie Hebdo. This makes them even more interesting than I realised .'

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