Monday, January 12, 2015

My Ritual with Aristide 3108

What I will call Aristide 3108's New Year's Ritual, a looking back and consolidation of a year. You may remember thatI was honoured with my very own ENCARTED some months ago. and here ARistide 3108 tells me that 'I cut it' with 2015. I suspect Aristide is a bit like me, saving her leftovers until they spill over.  I see vestiges of encarteds repurposed - TRASHPO - of sorts.

 I am not really doing this mailing justice.  It arrived nested in envelopes in a particular way.  I opened it and then wasn't sure how it had been…  As usual, I get a version and then an original. It is layer, haptic ATC. And it has a steak of hot pink that speaks to me.

 This is the back of one of the envelopes. a corner of an envelope with a different version
 On the back of the original ATC are the names of 2014 ENCARTEDs. There I am, near GAC!
Great reminders, philosphical mail art.  I am already imagining how to reply, but it may be a little while… Many thanks, so much fabulous food for thought to get me through the grey days of early 2015!

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