Monday, September 22, 2014

Mail Art Martha's Observations on a French Beach

I feel as if I've been on holiday with Mailart Martha after reading her (soon to be classic, but don't worry I won't flog it on ebay) wonderful small press title, Quick Sketches by the Sea: Collioure. Sept 2014. 

 The format of the boekie is one of those ingenious folded A4 zines. Great story, great edges, great characters!  This was a quick reply from Martha who has just back from her travels. Many thanks Mailart martha.  I will be bringing this into school with me to inspire the kiddies!  It certainly inspires me!


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  2. Very evocative of days at the beach--lucky for us that Martha's creativity was not on vacation!--OH, and I discovered that the wonderful poet, Antonio Machado, is buried in Collioure, France. This is a link to one of my favorite poems by him---