Monday, September 22, 2014

Artistamps and Summer Jam from C Mehrl Bennett

 Always delighted and in awe when I receive artistamps!  I don't get them very often and simply adore them. I never use them.  Should I? I have thought about scanning them and using the scan - attributing the artist if their name isn't clearly there, etc… but even that feels a bit presumptious! For the moment I have them on my desk, partially unfurled so I can unfold them and take a closer look, over and over.

Also delightd to have this hot pink small press publication collaboration.  Lots to enjoy, words, images and play! My summer jam never felt so sensual!

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  1. Rebecca--just wonderful playful poetry and stamps! I have the same quandry when it comes to using mail art stamps. One wants to share the gift, but also hold onto the fanciful imagery.