Monday, June 18, 2018

vintage stamps and stubs didn't cross in the post…

Oh boy, I need to go through my boxes of saved stuff for collage and pull out those tickets and stubs!  I believe Cascadia Artpost has sent me some of his precious vintage stamps because I promised to do that!  Wouldn't you know I'd forget something like that. Hey ho, no time for washing clothes or weeding, I guess.

Look at those stamps! If a few are upside down I apologise. And I scanned the envelope twice and didn't scan the little envelope that held the stamps separately (rap on knuckles). It is a stunning mailing and now to find the stubs!

And this is how Cascadia's seedlings are doing… I should have pricked them out a while ago but I need to dig a bed and we haven't had any rain for so long it will be a marathon effort and I don't have a marathon of time… I am considering pots, but luckily they are all thriving and it is top of Saturday jobs list!

And this is one of my gardens and how we live…

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