Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Moon Rocks and Space Dust

Check out this cool envelope from David Stafford!  I don't know about you, but I think one of the best aisles in DIY stores is the one with the paint chips.  I could stand there, selecting colours, all day. Colour for the sake of colour. And then Dave goes and makes the paint squares feel like windows, I know, it's the face of a building for a rock climber? or maybe the grid of a map telling us where the space rock that is hurtling towards us is going to land?

The envelope is the house for David's doodles and the beginnings of doodles of others.  I trawled through mail art and found doodles to scan and sent them far and wide and mostly had them returned.  Diane Keys have you moved?  The elephant was one of Guido's. 

David has filled the reverse with a space story… he needed all that space (ha ha).  Beware of the space trash playing the accordion! But I'm not sure you will be happier once you land.  Those astronauts looks a little dubious…

And finally, thank you David for my office only card. It is in the pocket next to my heart as I type.

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