Friday, February 16, 2018

Lyra's Tears of Joy, Kitchen Lithography and Freeze Games

Have you ever noticed that when you scan stuff orange loses its saturation?  I use orange quite a bit and scanning work is problematic, but it's only some oranges, flourescent orange, to be exact and Carina is the master of flourescent orange tape! I would've photographed this but it's dark now and I couldn't bear to go another day without opening my package and sharing it with you all, so scns will have to do. Ah Carina!
A package from Carina reminds me of the Sound of Music.  I find myself humming 'my favourite things' as I loosen the string. LYRA. As Burglar Bill would say, 'I'll 'ave that.' I mailed off the rest of my doodle pages today and I am at least one short so a spare new doodle will come in useful. Lyra! Oh I wish you could meet each other. …'brown paper packages tied up with string… these are a few of my favourite things…'
This character, a red-headed teeenage therapist belongs in the Ginger Embassy (think Elgin Mansion with red heads).  On the other side Carina tells me about her new process: 'Kitchen lithography' and this new boekie!  J'adore! In fact, I might even say one of your best.  Keep printing and I love the digital work too!

 The cover and frontispiece are like chalkboards, haptic too.  You feel like you're reading something secret yet rehearsed. The words and letters are both representational and abstract.  There is twofoldness that I love. I am a child.  I am a teacher.  I am alive.

And the monsters, KITCHEN LITHOGRAPHY, authentically child like but adult in their simplicity too.  I feel they could come to life and are also timeless. Wowzer.

And Carina wins the first in with her DKULT Doodle therapy page! Thank you Carina and thank you Joel Cohen. To be fair, as I only mailed most of the others today, she's had a bit of a head start! And I can already see how making these books is gonna be tricky. Huge thanks.


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    1. I Love it! Will attempt to send you something very soon, maybe even tomorrow, David!