Sunday, February 4, 2018

Life's a beach (or) Man's got to do what man's got to do - the Story of Seaglass

Great to receive this first mailing from Steve Howell in California.  The postcard has such teeny tiny writing that I needed to scan it and push plus to read it properly.  It was worth the effort.  Steve makes sea glass and WE LOVE Seaglass but it's not actually OK to make sea glass and his story explains the pains he takes to do his part to ensure that beach combers are not disappointed. 

They even have a festival of sea glass where Steve lives. And Sea Glass is also known as mermaid's tears.  Love it!

ON Cranberry Island we used to have tons of sea glass and sea pottery.  Everyone threw everything in the sea and it washed up on the shores, broken and polished.  Now we mostly get plastic. YOu can find sea glass on "sea glass beach," though, but I once saw Laurie Wadsworth throwing bottles into the sea so I see why. I think they buy their bottles with sea glass in mind down at that end of the island!

Thanks Steve, hope the festival is s a good one!

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