Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Hustle and Commitment of Mail Art - Cascadia Art Post

I haven't been able to help myself lately and have let the wave of existential politics flood my life.  Once upon a time, I wouldn't have dreamt of sharing my political views on Facebook. Not so now. This man and his outrageous tweets and devisive ways has called me to a service of sharing what I find that might help to counter the alternative news and views he seems to be feeding us. 

So Cascadia artpost has found a supporter in me.  I hope it was delivered by someone who read it and began to think differently.  I support mail art as a form of protest and no doubt will pepper my mailing with some dissent. As an expat in Brexitland I can feel cut off from my people, whoever you may be these days. and BTW, I love the stamp!

And yes, in a totalitarian world, where the rules seem to be always changing, where nothing we knew continues, we can take solace in mail art and the eternal network! Thank you Cascadia. and let's hop settles down!

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