Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Lesson in Dystopia from Madrid - Dave the Rave

Dave the Rave looks for meaning wherever he travels. While some of us are content to move towards imagery we respond to, DTR interrogates his art. In this pair of postcards he questions the world we inhabit, stating that 'surreal is reality', perhaps pointing to the current state of politics in the Western world. We are certainly living in a surreal time - there is a surreal mix of fact and fantasy" in out lives. I think in the above David is questioning the intuitve in art making.

And I for one recognise the struggle to make meaning in paint.  Not sure, but beyond the political world, the desire to represent something that doesn't exist and to make it believable is certainly a fight I relish taking, my reality, my utopia, to get all the colours and lines in 'the right place'. Thanks DTR and hope Spain lived up to your expectations!

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