Thursday, December 10, 2015

And had you saved your bouffant? - David Stafford

David has collaged with words, dreams and imagery to create a hilarious and suspenseful vignette. I want to understand his process… were the words 'recycled', he says ALL MAILART 100% RECYCLED (does that make it trashpo?), or did he write the words from the imagery? Whose imagery is it? Did David find it or create it with this just in mind? Do people really use the word bouffant and does leatherette really creak audibly? Does anyone remember the David Johannsen song, Frenchette…
"I get all the love I need in a luncheonette
In just one glance, so let's just dance"

Guido V. used to send me dreams, recorded and sometimes illustrated. Was this a dream David really had? Is it magical realism?

However it was made, it was made for me!  and I am delighted to have received it.  Thank you David.

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