Monday, September 21, 2015

Vizma's Kraw-legged Lady and Snow the Red upon the pum

I was the lucky recipient of this wonderful thick velum envelope.  You know me and translucent/transparent/ SEE-THROUGH stuff! I knew it was from Vizma instantly!

The first thing I pulled out was this delicate, exquisite book of poetry. 

I love the way Vizma is able to use  washi tape in a way that works so aesthetically, if she chooses to use it THAT way.  Here she has.

You will see that she has used playing cards as the structure for her boekie.

Vizma has also included a few choice mail art additions.

beautiful bitings, thanks silverfish in the shed.

And Vizma added to some doodles Figgy and I made for something I did in a school.  In the school we were inventing new insects. Vizma has taken primary school ideas and translated them into something much more relevant to the rest of the world! 'the bush is back' may be my fave.

Huge thanks to Vizma for a wonderful mail art envie full of fun and gorgeous stuff!

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