Sunday, August 17, 2014

Trouble at the Lake 16/25 - Tofu

Overjoyed to receive this map study from Tofu, as I am hopelessly behind in correspondence and am surprised when I get any mail! This haptic card goes one step beyond a topographic map.  I can feel the waves and water.  Tofu places me at the scene and in the middle of 'trouble at the lake' - (title on the back, along with Tofu's stamps and my address, boldly on celery-coloured paint.)

We've been watching a few episodes of a detective drama set on the Orkney Isles.  Patrick is obsessed with the place and threatens to take me on a long and torturous drive and ferry to investigate, .  I wonder if we should invite TOFU to document the journey… or maybe tofu would like to go in my place? (Just kidding!)

PS: I have begun a new mailing, so before long all the people who have sent me things for MSK and Maritime mail art, or just sent me something, will be getting replies! Phew.

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  1. I'd love to travel around the Orkneys - but we need to go soon or wait until next spring - I'll pass on a winter adventure and 6 hours of "day" light.