Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A floor full of post waiting for me!

Here is a list of the people who I received wonderful mail art from on my return from Maine:
Dam Batai Graphitismes (France)
Rosa Gravino (Argentina)
James Wilkinson (UK)
Katerina Nikoltsu (Greece) X 4
Alexander Limarev (Siberia, Russia)
Artist In Seine (France/ UK) X 2
Robert Ridley-Shackleton (UK)
Richard Baudet (France)
M Nidham (Oman)
Tofu (San Francisco, CA, USA)
Dystatic (Canada)
Cinzia Farina (Italy)
Ryosuke Cohen Braincell 889 (Japan)
Maria José Silva – Mizé (Portugal)
Carmela Rizzuto (Sunnyvale, CA, USA)
Theresa Williams Blue Velvis (Ohio, USA)
Matham Primary (UK): Elaine Elliott (teacher)
Owen Bloss (11 yrs)
Connie Bensley (11 yrs)
Jack Macleod (10 yrs)
Leighton Morisey (10 yrs)
Cara (10 yrs) x 2
Italia (10 yrs)
Luca Robinson (10 yrs)
Daniel Westrop (11 yrs)
Lydia Fox (11 yrs)
Jessica Farr (11 yrs)

Sara Roberts (10 yrs)

Most of this haul is for the upcoming Maritime Mail Art, a show that I will hang tomorrow in Ipswich on the waterfront at the Theta Cafe in Ipswich (UK), just in time for the Maritime Ipswich event! http://ipswich-waterfront.co.uk/ipswich-maritime-festival-2014/ 

I think I have added two countries since the show on Cranberry Island, so have more than 20 contries represented.  Elaine Elliott, from Martham school in Norfolk, inspired a group of children who she took on a residential trip to Scarborough  This is the second time these students will have shown their mail art to the public in an exhibition I've hung! Huge thanks and congrats!

I won't have time to blog the individual pieces until they come down next week - for the moment you will need to be satisfied with a postage stamp view!  Many, many thanks!

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