Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What do your arms do?

As I look at this on the screen I wonder if this  might be my first entry for Monochrome, Semitone, Kodachrome? The juxtaposition of black and white and colour and the shape of the mailing speaks of at least two of the prompts in the title.

I wonder where the dark figure is diving too and what sort of music he hears. Meanwhile, the joy of the swimming figure, bobbing up for air, arms in a heart, conjures up different music altogether.  Many thanks! As you can see, the stamps weren't franked, so I have no clues about where this mail artist comes from.


  1. What a great card! I know who the mail artist is, I could tell immediately. Love it!

  2. As this is my first piece from DAVID STAFFORD, perhaps I can be forgiven for not knowing…I love it and hope to receive more in the future!
    It is uncanny that David didn't know about my new mail art call, though.
    In case any one is interested, you can find out details on the link. I've split the info in two parts, so you need to scroll to the bottom to see what it's all about. Or you can visit the IUOMA event: http://iuoma-network.ning.com/events/monochrome-semitone-kodachrome But even that might not help. I'm not trying to be obscure, just working in partnership with a great charity!

  3. I didn't know about your freshly baked mail-art call, Rebecca. Thanks for the links.