Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bubbles from Marie Wintzer

Inside my wonderful Legends mailing from Marie Wintzer was this poem and image.  I wanted to see the homage film (again) before posting it. I wanted to think about it longer.

I can't remember where I saw My Beautiful Launderette the first time.  It was in that period somewhere between New York, Kenya, Oxford or Rome.  In each place I was amidst and aware of cultures coming together and being part of that, but also of intolerance beyond my own life. I've carried the film title around in my head, forgetting the detail but remembering it as significant. Seeing it again was a gift. Watching things in a different niche of time makes things look diffferent.  Patrick says it is 'of its time.' I forget how different attitudes were, even in my lifetime… even in Britain.

I love the way Marie manages to capture the scenes in so few words.  She takes me on the journey with words that conjure up the era. I'm there, wanting things to go differently and eventually it's all so sad…

Love the image too!

You can watch a clip of the film here:

and visit Marie's new website here:

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  1. Lucky me to get a separate post for this card! Like the previous one was not wonderful enough! I'm really happy you liked it, Rebecca. New York, Oxford, Kenya, Rome… how many laundrettes must you have seen in that trail.
    Thank you so much for your words!