Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New postcards from Daniel De Culla

Not sure if Daniel intended these for the Memories are Made of This call but he didn't specifically say, so I have decided to blog them here.  Daniel's charismatic drawings are full of stories.  Wondering if there was more I should know, I journeyed to his IUOMA page where I enjoyed looking at what looks like performance art portraits.  

I did notice that Daniel likes insects and wildlife.  The New Swimming characters seem to be playing a dangerous game.  I looked up Rosemary Menniger and discovered that there was a Rosemary Menniger of note who was the adopted daughter of Karl Augustus Menninger, psychiatrist, but I have no idea if that is relevant - to me the imagery suggests dreams. 

At the Bday of Bastards I notice how dysfunctional society seems to be; but Daniel's birthday makes me smile anyway.  Thank you! 

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  1. Thanks for Yr Words, Rebecca.
    Season's Greetings and Blessed Be¡