Monday, November 8, 2010

Patrick and I were waiting to go to the Remembrance service at Ipswich School yesterday evening. I thought it would be a good chance to collect his story. This is the second list he's done. Last night's list looked like this:
  • Fish and Chips at Aldeburgh Beach - night time.
  • Curry - narrow boat Lowsenford
  • bacon and egg- Full English Billesley Manor
  • lasagne - Nayland Farm with the Hawkins
  • Fish balls - no 6 Saturday the day my Grandma dies
  • marmite on toast - Saturday football scores
  • Curry - Leicester after the rugby
Together we remembered our first fish and chip experience together. I didn't understand that what you did was parked the car and sit on a plastic backed mat by the edge of a wet field to eat it out of a bag... since then I've never fully appreciated the romance of fish and chips

'It was a spur of the moment decision. Rebecca was away in NY or at an art or poetry thing - there's usually one of those.... As ever, when mum's away healthy food declines and dad goes into default mode. We decided we needed fish and chips. The only good fish and chips is in Aldeburgh It was a very cold and windy night and it must've been around 8:00 pm when we finally arrived. We couldn't remember which was the good place, The Golden Galleon or the one simply called The Fish and Chip shop. We think they're owned by the same people anyway. We parked the car, way down at the end of the high street, the weather really was atrocious. For once there wasn't a queue. It was winter.

Where would we go to eat the fish and chips? Dad had the bright idea that we'd drive further down the beach onto the stones. I remember turning on the radio. There was choral music. we put the little light on inside and unwrapped the fish. The wind was so strong it was rocking the car. There were night fisherman and I told Hudson and Figgy a ghost story about Martello tower.

What I liked about it was that it was all so spur of the moment. We had no knife and fork. We wondered what mum would have made of it and what she'd have eaten? Probably a few chips and some mushy peas.' Patrick

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