Monday, November 8, 2010

For the past week I've been asking people to list their food stories for me and then to choose one and tell me the story. Here is a list of some of my food stories. Which one's are you curious about? What are your food stories? Can I use your story to create a page in my altered book, or would you like to create your own altered page?

Food Stories

  • - buying biscuits from the girl at the end of the dusty Kimwarer track
  • - thanksgiving in Singapore
  • - roasted onions with David Schaefer
  • - Carey and her repulsion with garlic
  • - John and his aversion to garlic
  • - The resataurants where we’ve eaten at airports
  • - Baked potatoes with coleslaw at Huffers
  • - The Mexican restaurant with Tensie, Robin and Lise
  • - The cafes in Italy on the motorway
  • - Curry with Colin Fraser
  • - Raffles hotel, rawfish - festivity
  • - rawfish and the national geographic
  • - My first fish and Adam peeing on it
  • - How long to keep food in the fridge?
  • - Can you eat brown basil?
  • - Black eyed peas at 65 Maidenhead road
  • - Cucumber sandwiches on my honeymoon
  • - Pretzals with mustard
  • - A picnic in London on lawn chairs
  • - Peach jam on a rosetti
  • - The lamb in the Kerio Valley
  • - Eating locusts
  • - Eating choclate covered ants at old farm
  • - Pesto at the lighthouse
  • - Lasagna making after dad died
  • - The autopub
  • - Not understanding that you don’t eat before Thanksgiving

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